Last minute requirement changes....

Though I had intended to keep this blog an informative location on the web, I need to rant. I understand that requirements change. I'm a big believer in iterative development cycles for this very reason. There are, however, few things that irritate me more in my professional life than a breaking requirements change at 4:00pm on the Friday there is supposed to be a code freeze. As valid as the case may be, it's a sure way to ruin a person / team's weekend. It is demoralizing to have a working application going into the code freeze without any bugs reported only to have the requirements change 1.5 hours before you plan to leave work...especially after putting in extra time the entire week to accommodate breaking requirements changed the previous Friday. The change in requirements resulted in an extra 4 hours of work today, a broken service, and the need to work through the weekend with hopes of having a fully working and tested service by Monday.

I suppose that I need to look at the bright side of things though. I am fortunate enough to be employed at a stable company. Also, I am extremely grateful that last minute breaking requirement changes are rare for my team.


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